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Ampla Energy UPS

If your printer is Ampla, here is your UPS. Ampla Energy was developed exclusively for printers of our brand and is the security you need to ensure the integrity of your printer during a blackout.

Counting on eight outlets available in the output, the Ampla Energy UPS is automatic dual-voltage on input and counts on DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology that provides high performance and pure sine waveform.

In a metal cabinet with epoxy paint and compact structure, Ampla Energy UPS  has True RMS internal stabilization that keeps the output voltage regulated, either in network or battery mode.

With several protection systems and the exclusive Ampla Protection System, you will have the guarantee of maximum security and stability for your equipment.


• Microprocessed UPS with DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
• Line Interactive Senoidal technology
• Can be turned on even during blackout – DC Start (with battery recharged)
• Automatic battery recharge when in normal electrical network
• Protection against voltage surges through power strip and metal oxide varistor,
which mitigates the effects of lightning
• Adaptive Inverter (inverter frequency is equal to the frequency of the electric
• Protection against short circuit, overload, and overtemperature
• Shutdown and total battery discharge protection
• Visual and auditory alarm of excessive power
• Visual and auditory indication of low battery and network failure
• Telephone / Fax protection
• Digitally controlled sine wave
• Front button to switch the UPS on and off
• Fan speed varies according to the UPS power consumption and temperature
• TRUE RMS power indication
• Digitally-controlled charger current
• TRUE RMS power monitoring
• Battery management, indicates when the battery needs to be replaced
• TRUE RMS network monitoring
• USB communication interface


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