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Ampla Recooler Air

The reliability of a perfect printer is the sum of several factors. And the air temperature inside the printing room is one of the most important. The Ampla Recooler Air was designed (based on the ABNT NBR 16401 standard) to filter dust, odours and other elements from the cooled air, with activated carbon filtering system and high-powered double fan, cleaning the air in an area of up to 43 m³*.

Small and easy to use, the Recooler Air is the ideal solution to clean the already cooled air inside the printing room, avoiding the high costs of an oversized air conditioning and exhausting system.

* Maximum room volume for the air renewal rate, which is 8x per hour at maximum speed, to comply with NBR-16401 and NBR-7256 standards.


The Recooler Air uses an air curtain system that blows clean air upwards and forces a current for the polluted air to enter the equipment.
The Ampla Recooler Air filtering unit is highly effective. Using activated carbon, the system extracts undesirable particles and VOCs from the air and returns filtered air into the environment.


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Sales Phone: (+5541) 3525 9300